Do It Yourself Guide on Taking Care of your Printer at Home Most people find printers are prone to malfunction. Some common problems that people face include accumulation of dust & dirt, clogged ink nozzles, and paper jam. The first thing that you need to take care is to use good quality paper & ink cartridges in order to prolong the life of your printer & ensure it gives proper output. Keeping a few points in mind helps you to care for your printer at home.

Always, properly switch the printer off, unplug & wait for it to cool down before cleaning it. You should use a clean & soft cloth or brush to gently clear the dust from the exterior. If required, use a vacuum cleaner. Also, it is preferable to keep your printer in a place where it doesn’t attract dust.

If you will not be using your printer for some time, it is best to switch it off & keep it covered. In order to prevent clogging of ink nozzles, remember to print something every week or so. This will help to keep them moist.

If you regularly observe white lines appearing on your prints, it means you need to clean the print heads. Most printers have a self-clean option which usually resolves the issue. But you may need to manually clean the print heads if the problem doesn’t get resolved in this way.

In order to avoid paper jams, avoid keeping too many sheets or sheets of different sizes together in the paper tray. In case, you do face a paper jam, just switch off the printer & gently remove all the paper. If any sheet is crumpled or torn, discard it away immediately & properly place the rest back. In most cases, you will be able to take prints.

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