About Yes Electronics 

How We Started

“Yes Electronics”, founded in 1996, was envisioned by Mr. Vijay Patel as a solution to the problem of limited availability of printer, printer parts and a lack of a fully equipped printer care centre in Vadodara. An electronic engineer by qualification, Mr. Vijay Patel strived hard to provide good quality on-time services to his then small set of customers. After a decade of its establishment, “Yes Electronics” extended its care centre services to other electronic items i.e. scanners, plotters, Line matrix printers, cameras and multi function printers.  

Our Ideology

We at “Yes Electronics” genuinely understand the needs of our customers particularly in a scenario where the availability of authorised parts are limited to a few distributors chosen by OEM manufacturers. Our assurance is delivery of best available quality within stipulated time.

Where Have We Reached

Today, we boast of a 2000 sq feet printer care centre at a prime location. With Mr. Rakesh Patel and group of 14 employees, “Yes Electronics” serves a wide cliental servicing more than 600 printers per month in Vadodara alone. We Have also become an authorised service centre for Canon and Epson Printers. We provide solutions for all PRINTING problems by offering a high range of authorized printer parts of various brands i.e. WIPRO, EPSON, CANON, HP and TVS. Apart from this, we are also an authorised service station for printers, scanners, line matrix printers, multi functional printers and digital cameras. Our assurance is delivery of best available quality within stipulated time. We say it with pride that ‘With “Yes Electronics” YOUR PAPER WILL BE PROUD AGAIN.